Solaris School Management Software. Features and Benefits


Online system for managing fees

A school ERP app lets you manage fee payment online. Administrative staff can post any notice regarding the fee payment in the dashboard of the application and parents can this way view what they have to pay and make the payment online. This also provides information on attendance too.

Login facilities for students

This application offers login portal to students, parents and teachers. By using this single APP teachers are able to get details of attendance, exams, results, students are able to view timetables, attendance details, exam results, parents are able to see the attendance details, exam results, performance of their wards, and the administrative people such as the principals are able to make announcements and send messages.

 A great platform for messages and notifications

Schools are able to send announcements regarding fee, exams to both parents and students. They can receive them in notifications and can make payment online if needed. They also offer a text message system to let the parents know whether their ward is present in the classroom or not. In fact, students can also ask for leave directly using this app, they can apply for the leave by mentioning a specific relevant reason.

 Amazing management of the school

Parents found these applications pretty useful because they can log in to many profiles using one single app and the application lets the students and teachers communicate through instant messaging. Also allows students to view their timetable in order to view the timetable for the day. They are also able to get instant alerts about upcoming events such as exams, meetings and about the fee they supposed to pay.

Managing attendance of students

Parents can easily view profiles of students of various batches and can get all the details that they need about their attendance as well as their timetables for various days. students can also apply for leave directly on this app and teachers can either approve of them or disapprove.