School Management Software, Benefits and Features.

School management software is an information management software used by educational institution to manage all students’ record. It is an extensive database system that manages all the administrative activities of the school. It provides you with the easy access to the records managed in the software. It offers you anytime, anywhere access, and smooth functioning of day to day activities like managing accounts, student details, attendance, time table and exam and result, inventory, transportation, library, staff records and many more things.  It enables school to digitally monitor daily activities on a single platform.

School management software is designed to track and record the administrative work of school and educational institutions. It has modules that help faculty and staff to maintain all students’ record like managing academic records, fees management, time table management, and all the other required information of the institution. Overall it is especially designed to manage all the administrative work of schools and intuitions.

In One sentence School Software makes Life easy for the Accountant and for the Owner, Director, and Principal.  It Saves time and keep the School Account Thief Free.

Different types of school management system

  • Online school management software-the online management software runs on the cloud based technology that mans via internet. The user is just provided with the username and password and the web –based is ready to go. The major advantage is that it can be run from anywhere with the availability of internet. this version is called a more advantageous solution as it provide user with web based access to various files, records and documents assuring the safety and security of each data.
  • Offline school management software– in offline version the software does not require any internet connection. This version of software goes through proper installation process before running. Offline software does not rely upon the web, at whatever point web association is down ERP information is available constantly, on the grounds that is put away on the PCs.

Must Have Features in school management software

  • Students’ Management- This software allows you to easily manage the details of each and every student within a go. Instant search makes the data of the student easily accessible.
  • Account management- Tracking day to day expenses and income, keeping all records of fee received and transactions. It provides you with the defaulter list, generate demand bill, back dues of the students and daily expenses.
  • Transport Management – school software easily helps you to manage vehicles used in transportation system. It helps in rout description in association with the particular student, and staff members.

Other Features in school management software

  • Attendance- This system helps to manage day to day attendance of all the students easily. This helps in minimizing proxies and paper work. This module also sends automated SMS when students are absent from classes.
  • Employee management- This module helps to keep the details of the staff members with assigned designation, salaries, attendance and many more.
  • Library- books, department, book issue/return, library card issue are the basic features of this module.
  • Hostel management- This software easily manages the details of the students staying in school hostel. This module provides with the full information of the room capacity, number of beds and so on.
  • SMS- This software provides with the basic feature of SMS/Voice Call System which connects parents with school on a single click. Any information (generalized/personalized), which is to be given to parents, can be send via SMS on their mobiles. Fee reminder, student absent information, Holiday notification.
  • Exam Management- During an academic year, the student’s academic excellence and performance analysis can be review based on the different types of examinations, test, assignments etc. schools now get an option to use powerful software combined with student exam module that allows to generate report card .

BenifitS Of Using School MANAGEMENT sYSTEM

Time Saving, Quick Report Generation, Reduces The Natural & Human Resource, Bring Transparency, and Easily accessible.

Benefit Of Using School Management System
  • User Friendly– Its user-friendly features that make it accessible and manage all the data in one place.
  • Easy Report making-this feature helps the user to easily create the report of each and every student within a time.
  • Increase in Student Enrollment Ratio– due to hectic schedule of the organization and the tough decision making policies, it becomes troublesome to check with the enrollment ration of the students. It is thus required to implement proper school
  • Saves natural resources– by implementing a cloud based solution, school no longer have to rely on paper files and records.
  • Reduction of human labour– the cost incurred from employing staff to manage students and school activities is an additional cost. With the student management system, staff workload is reduced.
  • Increases productivity– the right management can boost the productivity of the schools. The reason for this increases due to decrease time maintain records and increase in data accuracy and organization. Less time leads to staff focused on the productivity of the school.
  • Access from Anywhere– the software can be accessed from anywhere and at any point of time. A record of everything can be kept due to its easy accessibility.
  • Transparency– the cloud based software allows for transparency between parents, teachers, and students. Parents can check on their children from time to time and keep track of their academic development.
  • Efficient Scheduling– the management of a school time table is typically the work of the school administration departments. However, often despite being having dedicated staff to manage it, time management often become, well- unmanaged. By implementing a dedicated school software , timetables can be automatically created, and students, teachers and parents can have access to it     


The school management software offers better productivity and hence more progress towards development. Seeing its demand and benefits, we have come forward with best- featured school management software. It helps the school to achieve the target, reduce work, increase efficiency, eliminating error, and monitoring progress. Overall, the seamless user experience makes it possible to manage the school task easily thus help the school to progress towards development.

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