School Management Software, Online v/s Offline

Offline School ERP Vs Online Software

School management software is a solution specially designed to simplify the administration and supervisory procedures of any academic institution. School software is the best way to deal with the management of the school system. Managing each and every development physically is a brain blogging process and can be monotonous also. School management software is easily accessible at whatever point, wherever for staff students, and parents.

There are predominantly two types of software

  • Offline school management software
  • Online school management software

Depending on the requirements and scenarios at school, one should choose either one of them. But firstly having prior knowledge about both the systems is advised.

Offline school management software

This version of software often referred to as ERP software consists of multiple modules based on what best meets the specific needs and technical capabilities of the institution. This type of software goes through a proper installation process before running.

Offline Software is mostly used to manage Student information which includes Account Management i.e. Fee Management of Complete school as well as individual Students. It also offers admission and registration facility along with I-card Creation. Month-wise fee reports, due student lists, and different types of reports.

Offline software does not rely upon the web, at whatever point web association is down ERP information is available constantly, on the grounds that is put away on the PCs. Offline school management software is generally introduced into each PC in the school.

School individuals would then be able to impart documents to each other by means of SMS or spare it on the system record server so others in their office approach them. They can open documents in their own particular rendition of the product, alter, track any progressions and send back the update from the records. It is exceptionally valuable for individuals who need to have the capacity to track changes and support them before they are included.

At the point when customarily introduced programming is utilized the greater part of the documents should be put away locally or on an inside hard drive of the PC, or on a network file server. Every one of the documents ought to be backed up on an outside hard drive or some other bit of capacity hardware so as to avoid the dangers of losing every information if something happens to the PC or server system.

Online school management software

The online school Management system, on the other hand, is similar to ERP software, but the only difference it has is that it runs on cloud-based technology that means via the internet. It does not require any kind of installation. The user is just provided with the username and password and the web-based software is ready to go.

The major advantage it has over offline software is that it can run from anywhere with the availability of the internet. This type of software solution is used for simplifying various administrative procedures such as school fee collection, exam management, student attendance, employee accounts, expense accounts and the list goes on.

While utilizing online software there is no compelling reason to download and install software onto the PC, which wipes out the danger of incompatibility and harm to the framework. The online software will be up to date which helps in enhancing the school’s efficiency.

In these advanced circumstances, any individuals are utilizing cell phone as their PC, with online application models school individuals can get to the information.    


Both the offline and online school management software has similar merits however the online software can be known as a more worthwhile arrangement as it furnishes clients with online access to different documents, reports, and records guaranteeing the well-being and security of each paper. The online form gives students and guardians the freedom to approach different sorts of data, for example, school notification, exam plans, review records, and evaluation reports. Everyone involved with schools such as students, teachers, parents, and admins can benefit from the school management software. Subsequently turned into a substantially more advantageous strategy for school administration.

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